UCLA Music Club
Welcome to the Music Club web page!

The Music Club aims to bring people together to play music. We welcome players with any level of skill, and any instrument.We have regular meetings in the union building in which people can contact other musicians, have a jam session, find new band members, form a new band, or just plan anything they want to do.

We provide opportunities for people to perform in bands or as solo artists in front of audiences. Every quarter we organize a Band Night at UCLA in which musicians get a chance to perform on campus.

Tesseract at Band Night, Grand Salon

For the last two years we have also had many people play at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Coverup at LA Times Festival of Books

Click here to see a video clip of:  Last Minute performing at LA Times Festival
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Some of the bands who have met at the Music Club have gone on to play out in bars and clubs around Los Angeles, including the Coconut Teaser and the Whisky a Go Go.

The Press playing the Whisky A GoGo

We organize jam sessions for people who just want to meet and play with other musicians, often in someone's apartment, or anywhere else we find practice space.

Often people can jam together at the regular meetings, and everyone is encouraged to bring an instrument with them to the meeting if they want to play. This can often be a good way of getting to know other musicians.

People who are just interested in music, want to listen, or maybe want to find other people to go to a concert with etc. are also welcome to come to meetings. You are also welcome to bring CDs or demo tapes to meetings.

At the moment we have quite a lot of guitar players, a few bass players, keyboards, drums, singers, and an assortment of other instruments.You can play anything you want or sing or whatever. The idea is to have fun and meet like minded people.

We are also looking for new club officers for this year, so if you want to play a more active part in the club, come to the meeting, or send email.

The first meeting this quarter is on Tuesday 31st March 2015, from 7 pm to 9 pm, in Kerckhoff Hall Room 152. Bring instruments to play.

Schedule of regular meetings for Spring Quarter 2015.

Next Band Night :
Friday May 22nd 2015, 7:00 pm to 11 pm, in
Kerckhoff Grand Salon

For more information or questions : music at ucla dot edu